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Professional Services


Responsiv Unity API Bundle

Responsiv Assist

IBM API Connect

IBM DataPower


Key Benefits

Mitigated compliance risk by supporting and upgrading out of date software

Over 40 complex API migrations

Ongoing extended support with Responsiv Assist



Responsiv helps professional services firm support and upgrade their out of date and unsupported IBM software (IBM API Connect v5 and IIB v10).

Providing extended support through Responsiv Assist addressed the imminent risk of end of life software whilst the project was in-flight.

Responsiv completed over 40 complex API migrations to upgrade this professional service’s unsupported IBM software

Using the Responsiv Unity API Bundle and a sandbox for isolated API migration, Responsiv and the customer successfully completed over 40 complex API migrations by December 2022.

Opting for an embedded model of work allows Responsiv to understand the solution with the customer, working together to resolve issues, establish good practice and refactor problem areas. Working closely with customers means Responsiv can mentor, problem solve and transfer skills efficiently and to the benefit of the customer.

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Read the full Case Study here:

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Mike Axcell

Mike Axcell