Responsiv has deep Red Hat skills and expertise, our credentials include certification and skill within the Red Hat portfolio and Red Hat partner program. Our team of technical experts support successful implementation of Red Hat products across a multitude of projects.

Our comprehensive service delivery and Red Hat’s cutting-edge technologies empower our customers to operate their applications seamlessly across various locations and at any time, leveraging the transformative power of cloud computing and automation


Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Responsiv can effectively migrate applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a fully certified Open Source operating system that is interoperable with hundreds of cloud and thousands of hardware and software vendors.

Responsiv expertise is instrumental in refreshing, renewing, maintaining, and new value from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For our customers, this means they can seamlessly operate all critical and high-performance workloads across every application on a consistent platform.

Red Hat OpenShift

Responsiv containerisation experts can facilitate the development of applications and workloads that can be deployed on any platform with Red Hat’s OpenShift platform open-source container approach. Applications and workloads can be built within a container once and deployed effortlessly across any platform.

Red Hat Ansible

Expanding volumes of data and applications necessitate increased resources to manage. However, with human IT skills in short supply, this can be prohibitively expensive. Responsiv deploys Red Hat’s Ansible solution to provide our customers with essential automation capabilities through open-source tools available on a subscription basis.

In addition to utilising enterprise-grade automation and orchestration technology, Responsiv and Red Hat can collectively deliver comprehensive support services to ensure seamless operations.

Responsiv Open Source Expertise – What We Cover:

Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Openstack Platform

Middleware – Accelerate: Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss Web Server, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, Red Hat JBoss Operations Network, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Red Hat JBoss AMQ, Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualisation, 3Scale by Red Hat,

Middleware: Automate Red Hat JBoss BRMS, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

Virtualisation: Red Hat Virtualisation

Cloud Computing: Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat Cloudforms, Red Hat Openstack Platform, Red Hat
OpenShift, Red Hat Certificate System, Red Hat Directory Server, Red Hat Cloud Suite

Storage: Red Hat Gluster Storage, Red Hat Ceph Storage

Mobile: Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

Management: Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Cloudforms, Ansible by Red Hat, Red Hat Insights

Responsiv Services

As a Red Hat Business partner, Responsiv can assist across the entire range of solutions. We can help you review
your current software estates to ensure software optimisation and future proof your cloud journey:

    • In-house Technical Support and Advisory services capabilities and a network of specialist partners
    • Access to Red Hat’s platform for building and deploying applications, alongside Responsiv wrap-around technologies and integrations to support your cloud journey
    • Work with you to deliver an optimise your Open Source cloud strategy and migrations
    • Optimise your existing Red Hat subscriptions, applications and cloud PaaS costs
    • Manage multiple cloud platforms with Red Hat Cloud Forms
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