Is your IBM software renewal approaching?

Do you have a catalogue of licences that have been purchased over a period of years? The systems they support have been growing and changing, or shrinking, and it is no longer clear what licences are extended or reduced? Your company could be spending too much on software renewals for a capacity you don’t even use!

Responsiv will review your license use and make suggestions on how the costs might be reduced. We are currently offering a 2-hour health check workshop with your IT team to analyse your CPU usage, suggest where efficiencies can be made and offer a competitive quotation.

Our Process in Three Steps

  • First, you will need to request a quote (please complete the form below)
  • Then, we will review your software renewal for free
  • And, come back to you with a competitive quotation within 5 working days

Our Example

Recently, Responsiv engaged with a multinational car rental company to ensure their IBM Middleware renewal offer was both competitive and optimised to their evolving requirements.

Prior to the review, the customer suspected that their IBM Middleware estate was outdated and likely no longer fit for purpose. Nonetheless, the automated quote they had received from their supplier was also for several hundred thousand pounds. To gain further understanding, they provided our Technical Licensing team with their CPU usage data for the last two years. Responsiv then analysed the data and reported the findings, within 5 working days, alongside a series of suggestions to optimise their licensing model.

The process was complete by the renewal due date and resulted in a saving of over 40% of the initial quote. The client then reallocated the liberated budget to further improve their digital infrastructure.

Responsiv has committed to continuously provide renewal health checks to ensure we deliver the best value for money year on year. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion. We can provide an opinion or new perspective and the rest is for you to decide.


What happens if we are under licensed?

Our report is confidential and any findings would be discussed with your team and only progressed at your consent. IBM could perform a review of your companies IBM License Metric Tool at any time. This could result in an unexpected charge being levied for any overage.

How can Responsiv get a better deal than our incumbent business partner?

We specialise in providing optimised licensing health checks and have a robust process in place which has demonstrably delivered companies cost savings and efficiencies. You have nothing to lose by requesting a competitive quotation.

How much effort will this take?

It can take as little time as sending an email requesting a competitive offer, however, sharing some additional information i.e CPU usage and engaging on video calls with our team of specialists on can enable us to make further savings.

How easy is it to move to a different business partner?

This will take as long as your procurement and the legal department take to onboard a new supplier.

What products does Responsiv cover?

We cover an ever-expanding list of IBM software. Contact us today to find out more!

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