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Responsiv offers a comprehensive range of services and products to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Enterprise Connectivity solutions to help you streamline data capture from customers, and to efficiently distribute that information across your organisation.

Our Offer – Fixed Price Engagement

Responsiv are offering a free RPA process discovery workshop to discuss RPA and help you to identify initial candidates for automation. This is a no commitment workshop. If you choose to proceed to implementation, then we are also offering to complete the analysis and configuration of your first process, including mentoring, for a fixed price. Offer closes 30-July-2021.

Responding to spikes in demand

Responsiv estimate that in a typical organisation 20% of processes exist only to check another process has been followed properly.

While RPA can be used for many things, we consider that a good place to start is with management of processes that are subject to unpredictable demand, causing staff peaks and unplanned software use. While there are many ways to respond to spikes in demand, not all of them are cost effective, and may expose the company to unwanted risk.

Recruit more people

  • The obvious solution to not having enough people is to recruit more people. The problem is that recruiting the wrong people takes time and effort, and then it costs quality and more time and effort to correct their mistakes. Even people that are eventually great at the work will need time to “get to speed”.
  • Recruiting the right people, event temporary staff, takes time. New people need to learn the ropes, and reduce capacity by asking questions and making mistakes
  • Engagement for temporary staff, including learning is generally weeks or months, when the spike may be only days

Automate using RPA

We calculate that return on investment (ROI) for RPA from Responsiv breaks even at less than one (1) FTE. This means that if you can save 2-3 days per week, including data entry, checking, correction, and the rest, then you can save money with RPA. Assuming a standard HR recruitment cost, RPA can be a cheap alternative to human recruitment.

  • Recruiting an RPA robot can happen at any time prior to the spike, and be ready immediately – leading to improved customer service and avoiding backlogs.
  • The robot will not forget the ropes, and can be scaled to many robots with no further training
  • Engagement is likely to be all the time because its easy, but the robot can be turned on and off at will

Automate using traditional means

RPA is a simple and inexpensive way to begin your enterprise automation journey. It can deliver significant and sustained advantage to departments and across the enterprise.

A traditional automation and connectivity solution may deliver more sustainable advantage in high volume, specially complex, or sensitive parts of the business. There is no problem with using both approaches together to solve your unique challenges.

  • Installing a traditional automation solution can deliver a higher performance and generally higher capacity solution.
  • Full scale enterprise integration delivers great benefits all the time


The cost and time to value of RPA solutions are significantly reduced compared to traditional approaches. The technology is simpler for nontechnical companies to operate, and the results are more immediate.

The result is that customers see an improvement in the accuracy of information you hold about them, they stop getting two copies of every communication (with slightly different addresses), and they see an improvement in the general responsiveness of your service.

As a company, you see an opportunity to scrap some 20% of your existing processes, an improvement in data quality and trust, and an improved ability to deal with peaks and troughs in demand.

Become a “responsive” company

The act of a customer entering information can be used to trigger a response. This greatly reduces the batch created peaks in processing demand, while improving customer experience.
Efficient data capture in the field eliminates the need for handwritten documents, minimising incorrect records

  • Improves staff satisfaction by removing mundane activity.
  • Improves ability to comply with Data Protection and other regulations.
  • Reduce errors, misspelled data, incorrect interpretation of data, and data re-entry are all costly and can errors can impact reputation.

The RPA benefit

Our entry-level RPA offer will deliver a positive ROI inside 12 months for any company paying minimum wage for two days per week of manual data entry. We calculate this based on a simple fixed price installation and the standard annual charge for our RPA software.

Next Steps

Responsiv are offering to fix the price of your first RPA process installation with no risk uplift.

To see for yourself how RPA can help your business and your employees, speak to a member of our team to get a free RPA Process Discovery Workshop and an optional fixed price engagement today.

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