Responsiv offers a comprehensive range of services and products to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help you streamline data capture from customers, and to efficiently distribute that information across your organisation. Manual data entry is bad for business, prone to error, and delays customer responses.

Our Offer

Responsiv are offering a free RPA process discovery workshop to discuss RPA and help you to identify initial candidates for automation. This is a no commitment workshop. If you choose to proceed to implementation, then we are also offering to complete the analysis and configuration of your first process, including mentoring, for a fixed price.

Responsiv estimate that in a typical organisation 20% of processes exist only to check another process has been followed properly.

While RPA can be used for many things, we consider that a good place to start is with manual data entry, specifically with:

Processes where customers complete and print a form, which is then manually entered into a system
These processes are highly prone to error and surprisingly expensive to operate. They often create unacceptable delays in information gathering, and lead to “checking processes” that only exist to assure the first process has completed properly.

With the advent of GDPR these processes can increase the risk of data leakage through discarded paper copies of the data, and scans of documents being misplaced.

  • Paper forms are lost, obscured, and often have poor handwriting – all contributing to errors
  • Even without errors the information is not available until its entered

Processes that capture identifiers and phone numbers
Bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and phone numbers are highly sensitive to improper recording and are useless if even one digit is swapped or wrong. Normal words are more able to tolerate mis-spellings. These identifiers are also difficult to check without software or the data owner being present.

  • Worst case your company cannot deliver the service required, or cannot contact the customer.
  • No matter the level of experience or education of a staff member, manual data entry runs the risk of errors occurring.
  • Your business relies on information to maintain safety and compliance, inventories, sales, and regulation.

How RPA can help

By automating data-entry it becomes possible to validate identifiers on entry, either by looking them up, or calculating checks that are embedded in the number. The same is true for email and other important information. This first capture validation means that the rest of the process can execute without problem.

  1. Customers enter their own information directly into a form.
  2. The form entry is inserted into the appropriate system registered for such use under your GDPR policies.
  3. Information is converted and pushed to all systems that need to be maintained in synchronisation

The result is that customers see an improvement in the accuracy of information you hold about them, they stop getting two copies of every communication (with slightly different addresses), and they see an improvement in the general responsiveness of your service.

As a company, you see an opportunity to scrap some 20% of your existing processes, an improvement in data quality and trust, and an improved ability to deal with peaks and troughs in demand.

Become a “responsive” company

The act of a customer entering their information can be used to trigger a response. This greatly reduces the batch created peaks in processing demand, while improving customer experience.

  • Efficient data capture in the field eliminates the need for handwritten documents, minimising incorrect records
  • Improves staff satisfaction by removing mundane activity
  • Improves ability to comply with Data Protection and other regulations
  • Reduce errors, misspelled data, incorrect interpretation of data, and data re-entry are all costly and can errors can impact reputation.

The RPA benefit

Our entry-level RPA offer will deliver a positive ROI inside 12 months for any company paying minimum wage for two days per week of manual data entry. We calculate this based on a simple fixed price installation and the standard annual charge for our RPA software.

Next Steps

Responsiv are offering to fix the price of your first RPA process installation with no risk uplift. To see for yourself how RPA can help your business and your employees, speak to a member of our team to get a free consultation today.

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