This briefing is for business leaders who are looking for a way to share information and support cooperation across their ecosystem

The benefits of cooperation and information sharing to businesses of all industries and sizes is hard to dispute. Sharing information helps businesses to reduce risks of staff turnover, and inconsistent or inaccurate information. Automating cooperation across departments avoids operational costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Responsiv research suggests that businesses are often blocked from automating their internal processes and sharing information by the high cost of appropriate software, and a lack of skills.

Implementing cross-business cooperation and information sharing is a significant undertaking that must be supported at the highest levels with clear objectives and vision. Incremental deployment can take many years. Because of the far-reaching impact, these kinds of projects are considered to be digital transformation initiatives.

When business leaders recognise, and focus on extracting value from cooperation and information, they are immediately faced with two significant decisions; (1) what is the best technology for me, and (2) how should I move to the new platform. Sustainability initiatives are similarly extensive and can be implemented at the same time.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is undertaken by organisations to achieve many different outcomes. All are seeking ways to improve their business efficiency and reduce their business risk.

Business Efficiency may mean faster customer response, reduced environmental impact, reduced cost, or fewer people or assets being used.

Business Risk is characterised by undesirable things happening and often focused on things that will damage reputation, impact regulatory deadlines, or expose the company to significant additional cost.

Sustainable means that the business pivots toward less wasteful means of delivering their value, and that activities pay for themselves in a way that can be sustained.

Digital transformation is made possible by the reliable cooperation and information sharing

All of these primary objectives are only successful when they are underpinned by a reliable and flexible cross-business capability to cooperate, coordinate, and share information quickly and efficiently.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective way to underpin your digital transformation with reliable and flexible business automation and connectivity.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is built and priced to be sustainable for use by businesses of all sizes. Our commercial arrangements make it cost effective from the first project to the last. We provide everything, including hosting, software, and support.

Our professional services can quickly build Responsiv supported automation and connectivity logic to suit your specific requirements.

  • UK based hosted managed service.
  • Support for Responsiv developed applications.
  • Custom pricing options to align cost and benefit.

Automation solutions exist to share information between many systems, regardless of their heritage, technology, or protocols. They expose functions and data for use by new applications. A good automation solution creates opportunities for the business and isolates applications and database systems to extend your ability to change and adapt to new challenges.


Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform and Responsiv can support your planning and implementation of any stage of your digital transformation journey.

RCAP Briefing 1

Whether considering options or adjusting to a significant change to the nature of your business, Responsiv can support your progress and deliver critical capabilities quickly and efficiently.

What is included?

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform delivers three fully specified and separate environments to support your development, user acceptance testing, and production activities. Each platform is integrated to our Service Desk for monitoring and management.

Each environment has dedicated integration (REST, Micro Services, APIs, real-time events, ETL) and automation (Business Processes, straight through and human interaction) capabilities to support efficient development practices and reuse of APIs.

The platform is developed using Open Standards and Industry standards to simplify migration to the platform and enhance interoperability.

Responsiv support for the platform can be extended to include your bespoke applications.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is Special

We believe that the Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform contains a unique assembly of platform capabilities and support to deliver an end-to-end answer to your integration and automation needs.

Provides connectivity and automation in a single platform. Coordinate staff, customers, suppliers, and systems in one place.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform includes Straight Through Processing (STP) and Business Process Management (BPM) in a single platform. Develop processes that start as straight-through and then add authorisation and decision steps for humans. Perhaps a process starts as entirely human orchestration and evolves to include system integrations and straight through.

Share Information – built in

The platform has dedicated API and integration hosting that scales to support your integration needs. We support most integration patterns out of the box, including:

  • IoT event to enterprise publication (Publish-Subscribe)
  • Enrichment, content routing, transformation, GDPR handling
  • Connectors Included
    • Database, JCA, SAP, MS-Dynamics, Salesforce, and more
  • Real-time change data capture from products developed by different vendors.
  • Request Response, Fan in – Fan out, one to many and many to one integration
  • Sequence and group event handling

The dedicated integration capability means that you can develop integrations that do not use or require human interaction or long-term process handling without the overheads of developing business processes.

Our experience of integration architectures in many industries suggests that separating the API layer from process automation leads to improved reliability and performance, and to increased reuse of developed code.

Responsiv will support you while setting up network connections to your core systems and can mentor your developers and architects.

  • Use publish-subscribe, peer-peer, request-response, and other patterns.
  • Route to consumers using enriched content and business rules.
  • Human contribution adds intelligence and control.
  • Use compensation spheres to undo mistakes.

With Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform you can isolate internal systems to reduce the impact of change, replacement, and updates. The underlying technology is code-compatible with world leading IBM software.

Coordinate Staff, Customers, Suppliers – built in

Coordination of staff activities inside a single department is difficult but valuable. Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be used to coordinate effort between departments, inside departments and between your company and your suppliers and customers.

Customer Journeys

Your customers need to interact with you during their buying process but at other times as well, for example to ask for advice, complain, or make further purchases. You also want to initiate interactions with your customers to provide them with information or offer additional value.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be used to control processes that continue for weeks or months and involve people from across different departments, partners, and customers.

Case Study

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is used by one of our customers to coordinate sales of their product. This includes commissioning work to dig up roads and to track the progress of activities in another customer. Their processes can run for several months before successful conclusion and this platform allows them to efficiently audit, track, and respond.

Case Study

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is used by one of our customers to coordinate collection of information after a customer engagement. A process is triggered in real-time to remind staff that they need to record details of their involvement with the customer. These processes typically run for a few hours and save time as well as allowing our customer to improve the quality of their data and oversight.

Managing Suppliers

Suppliers need to be provided with paperwork to provide their goods and services. Typically, this is a “manual” task involving emails or in many cases a supplier portal that must be manually accessed. In some industries supplier interaction is mostly automated but can be using old technology and obscure protocols.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be used to control processes that request authorisation to access suppliers. The service-bus can then be used to develop REST APIs and Micro services that hide the existing supplier protocols and provide modern security and control.

Case Study

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is used by Responsiv to directly access our suppliers APIs and combined with our Robotic Process Automation capability to access supplier portals.

The significant cost and time savings are outweighed by the convenience and assured quality.

Oversight – built in

Develop business processes that report metrics in real-time. Use the Responsiv Cloud Platform alerting feature to raise problem tickets and detect situations. Connect the platform to your own operations bridge for complete oversight of your cloud platforms and applications.

  • Detect situations as they develop.
  • Escalate and secure to assure progression and timeliness.
  • Multi-cloud, multi-Technology
  • Automate authorisations, audit, GDPR controls, and much more.
Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is Secure by design.

All Responsiv Cloud Platforms are deployed to isolated networks that separate them from each other. Internally, each environment is further separated to assure that your developers cannot reach production.

The connection between Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform and your organisation can be implemented using VPN or TLS. In both cases we will lock connections to named network addresses to immediately prevent wider attacks.

Physically your data and services are protected with 7×24 security and all of the other protections you expect from a Tier3 datacentre or any other Cloud Service.

Your data is written to disks dedicated to Responsiv Cloud, and our backup service is a private implementation.

Responsiv Cloud Security Service

The Responsiv Cloud Security Service underpins our User Management and allows you to control your own users. It can be integrated to your security (Identity Management) to deliver single sign on (SSO) to your processes.

OAuth2 is available to protect your internal APIs.

Production security can be integrated with your internal identity management. You have complete control over how staff and customers access your applications.

Risk Assured

Responsiv manage the platform to a contracted service level (SLA), and according to the capacity you purchase. This means that software procurement, vendor audits, and infrastructure headaches are all in your past.

Customising Self-Service

You use the development environment to create applications without risking damage to the production environment. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can be performed in the separate UAT environment while development continues. When ready, the application is moved to production.

Automations developed by Responsiv for the RCAP platform can be added to your support agreement to allow Responsiv to support the entire solution.

We believe this feature to be unique to the RCAP offering and it allows you flexibility in the skills you choose to retain in the technical team and accelerates your ability to move developer to new projects.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is Cost Effective.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform can be licensed to accommodate “soft start” and to spread the cost of initial development.

Reduced cost of adoption

Developer Support (Optional)

You lead the development of custom applications to connect and automate your business. We help with flexible support, which is an hourly support agreement that allows your developers and administrators to ask questions and get help when they need it.

  • Cost effective way to access subject matter experts.
  • Reduce project delays and improve quality.
  • Access code snippets and experience.
  • Keep your developers and projects moving.

Our custom platform offerings can be used to deliver specific requirements and flex to new capacity as needed. We can offer development-only pricing, and solution/capability pricing based on the value of a capability.

  • A viable solution for your first, possibly small, opportunity to automate.
  • Integrate with Kafka, MS-Service Bus, and many other common platforms to support your migrations, and to allow you to spread the workload.
  • Designed to integrate with our on-premises equivalent platform, which allows you to connect across clouds and your own datacentres in a controlled and secure way.

Connectors Included (did we say that already?)

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform includes connectors, business process automation, and a world class service bus to provide everything you need to connect and automate in a single platform.

Flexible Pricing

You have a specific problem to solve that uses a fraction of the platform capability and does not justify the cost. Responsiv value pricing can be used to develop and operate a single connection or process. We will agree the price and committed term before Responsiv develops the solution. Invoice scheduling can then be agreed to help you spread the up-front development costs.

  • Spread 30% of the professional services cost over 3 years of the term.
  • Minimum committed term is 12 months.
  • Additional services can be added at any time to extend the value.
  • Shape costs to match benefits. Spread the cost of moving to the platform.

Patching and Upgrades – Built in

Responsiv manage the platform, including patching and upgrades, and we provide professional services to configure the connections and automations to your exact needs.

Reduced cost of migration

Responsiv has custom offerings that can be used to reduce the cost and distraction of a move to Responsiv Cloud. It all starts with an assessment of your current estate that is used to propose ways to achieve a migration in a cost effective and non-disruptive way.

Migrating from IBM

Migrating from other IBM integration or automation software can be as simple as copy and paste.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is code-compatible with IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE), and can participate in IBM MQ clusters for resilient and secure communications between clouds.

Migrating from existing integration or automation software

Migrating from other vendors can be simple and cost effective, even when significant code replacement is needed. This is because the majority of your sunk cost will have been in analysis and testing.

Responsiv Consulting are skilled and practiced in taking existing integration logic and moving it to Responsiv Cloud.

We can spread the cost of your migration and offer competitive discounts to allow you a period of parallel running to prove the strategy.

Hybrid Migration

Perhaps you have good reason to leave some of your automation or integration running on the current platform.

In this case we can enable your developers with self-paced training and remote developer support charged by the hour. We can work with your architects to develop a strategy for right-placement of integration and automation logic to get the best from both platforms.

We can suggest pricing that can reduce the impact of paying for two automation platforms and spread the cost of migration over as many as three years of a committed term.


Responsiv is a business technology company that specialises in connecting people, systems, and businesses. We help companies to understand the problem and simplify the solution. Our experience is extensive, including IoT, Supply chain transparency, Open Banking APIs, data replication, and business process automation.

Responsiv is relied upon by international banks, emergency services, health services, local councils, and government agencies. Our reputation for delivery speaks for our understanding of the problems and how to solve them.

We work with commercial businesses of all sizes. The nature of enterprise integration means that we work with your partners and your technologies, including Microsoft, Opensource, IBM, HP, your own legacy systems, and many others.

We provide professional services, cloud automation services, and remote development and managed services from our Bracknell offices.

Zoe Whyte

Zoe Whyte

Zoe is the Marketing Manager at Responsiv. She has a first-class degree in History and completed the miniMBA in Marketing.