Responsiv offers a comprehensive range of services and products to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help you streamline data capture from customers, and to efficiently distribute that information across your organisation.

Our Offer – Free RPA Process Discovery Workshop

Responsiv are offering a free RPA process discovery workshop to discuss RPA and help you to identify initial candidates for automation. This is a no commitment workshop. If you choose to proceed to implementation, then we are also offering to complete the analysis and configuration of your first process, including mentoring, for a fixed price. Offer closes 30-July-2021.

The RPA benefit

Our entry-level RPA offer will deliver a positive ROI inside 12 months for any company paying minimum wage for two days per week of manual data entry. We calculate this based on a simple fixed price installation and the standard annual charge for our RPA software.

Improve customer experience

While RPA can be used for many things, we consider that a good place to start is with any processes that you have that are inconsistent.

Responsiv estimate that in a typical organisation 20% of processes exist only to check another process has been followed properly.

A manual process, or one that is semi-automated, can be inconsistent because of errors that cause delays and inaccuracies, and by variable delays between activities. Large teams working on responses to customer requests can also introduce inconsistency by the way that people work differently.

Deliver consistent results

Responsiv will help you to adopt RPA in an iterative way. We begin with process discovery; identifying processes that have the most customer complaints, rework, or excessive delays. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) we can deliver a consistent performance from request to response, collect information about the process, and continually improve the process to adapt to changed priorities.

  • Your customers rely on supplies, agreements, and entitlements being accurately and completely.
  • Trust comes from consistent, transparent behaviour that is focused on customers rather than on self interest.
  • Trust comes from being predictable.

In short, use RPA to deliver on time, take the same time to process every order, provide information about the process, and be accurate.

Simplify your customer experience: Tell us once

Customers provide information to you, and trust that it is properly controlled and be available to processes that need it. When a company asks for the same information again, or continue to use old information, then the customer relationship suffers.

  • Customer confidence is damaged when they provide information that is not used.
  • Trust comes from being predictable.

Address your GDPR responsibilities with data controls

One of the requirements of GDPR is that you know where data is held and used, and that you can report on what information is being held on a specific person (subject).

By having a single “RPA gateway” for information capture and distribution it is possible to properly maintain an index of data being used across the enterprise. It also simplifies changes to that data, improves staff experience, and reduces the cost of data management.

Next Steps

Responsiv are offering to fix the price of your first RPA process installation with no risk uplift.

To see for yourself how RPA can help your business and your employees, speak to a member of our team to get a free consultation and arrange a free RPA Process Discovery Workshop today.

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