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Enterprise Connectivity

Responsiv provide Enterprise Connectivity services and expert insights concerned with the IBM Cloud based enterprise automation software. We have specialist skills in the installation and use of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I), and IBM Cloud Pak for Automation (CP4A), as well as the old favourites, including WebSphere, IBM MQ, IBM Application Connect Enterprise (IBM ACE), IBM DataPower, API Connect, and all the rest.

Our Responsiv Consulting services include supporting its adoption and use, developing for, and installation. We also provide support for business cases and fixed price delivery projects.

Any integration strategy should allow a business to use their existing investments while integrating hybrid environments, ensuring that the organisation can easily connect their applications and data.

Responsiv will work with your team to develop or refine a strategy to include rethinking the way your company gains value from people, processes, technology and architecture.

IBM Enterprise Connectivity

The IBM connectivity portfolio delivers a set of capabilities that enable companies to share data around their organisation in real-time, and to provide standardised interfaces that aggregate data from multiple places in order to properly model enterprise data; for example, bringing together invoices or account data from multiple geographies or systems.

Responsiv work on customers implementations that use the key products in IBM’s Cloud Integration suite including IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE); IBM API Connect (APP-C); IBM MQ; IBM DataPower Gateway; and IBM WebSphere Application Server.

IBM APP Connect Enterprise

IBM App Connect (and IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE)), the “Tower of Babel” for data flowing between systems, speaks over 30 protocols and can transform data by replacing, enriching, translating, or re-ordering.

Responsiv use ACE to perform the “heavy lifting” of integration to make data available to business automation workflows, to replicate data between systems, to expose data to websites and applications, and to publish information to dashboards.

IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect is a management and control solution that delivers the ability to collect metrics on API use, to control access to sets of APIs for different user communities, and includes the provision of a developer portal to support external developer groups.

Responsiv use API Connect to collect analytics, provide an API catalogue, and control deployment and use of APIs that are facing both the Internet and internal to the enterprise. We have several great examples of integrating API Connect and DataPower with the IBM Security portfolio to deliver multi-factor authentication and Open Banking solutions.


IBM MQ is the “old workhorse” of inter-system enterprise connectivity. It moves messages from one place to another and supports assured once only delivery alongside other patterns of interaction. The asynchronous nature of messaging allows MQ to process high volumes of messages and take connectivity problems (retry, unavailable endpoint, slow responding systems, low bandwidth, partial transfer, load balancing) away from the application and safely deliver it from the infrastructure.

Responsiv use MQ as the basis for many of our architectures. It is a highly cost-effective way to deliver assured and secure communication.

IBM DataPower Gateway – Enterprise to Enterprise Connectivity

IBM DataPower is a high-performance secure API gateway which hosts and protects websites and APIs. Used by governments and banks around the world, DataPower can be configured directly by highly skilled engineers to implement traffic filtering policies, and to directly host APIs.

Responsiv use DataPower in our Open Banking gateway. In many cases Responsiv use API Connect to control configuration and setup of DataPower, which is more transparent and declarative.

Our Products

Responsiv Consulting

Installations, Problem Resolution, Performance reviews, fixed price projects, services for assistance, custom agreements

Responsiv Consulting is an asset-based professional services organisation. Our consultants use our accelerators, experience, and skills to assure on-time delivery to the agreed specification.

We provide trusted advice to C-level and technical leaders. Our advice is often technology agnostic, focusing instead on how to successfully deliver large projects, how to align technology to business strategy, and how to ensure that projects and contracts are properly constructed.

Responsiv Assist

Installation audit, Penetration testing, Problem Management, SSL Certificate Monitoring, Licence Optimisation, Performance reviews.

Responsiv Assist provides support for our managed services and cloud hosting, as well as ad-hoc remote support for your developers, operators, and architects.

Responsiv Assist provides incident support to maintain your services and is accessed through the Responsiv Assist portal (

Responsiv Unity

Oversight console, integration to Office 365 and enterprise monitoring, Automation, Integration, available as a service, custom agreements

Responsiv Unity is a modular enterprise automation platform that can be purchased incrementally as your need for additional function and capacity grows. Responsiv Unity is available for self-installation or as a service.

Responsiv Resale

Responsiv is a reseller and system integrator for Microsoft, IBM, and RedHat software.

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