Responsiv use G-Cloud and other NHS frameworks for cost effective software licensing

including new acquisitions and renewals

Responsiv provide Process Automation and Enterprise Integration software and services to NHS organisations.

Our relationships with Red Hat and IBM allow us to offer attractive pricing options for industry leading products.

Our code-compatible alternatives are simple to operate and cost-effective, our advanced support is used by developers and business units to get the most from the investment. Responsiv use G-Cloud and other NHS frameworks for cost effective software licensing, including new acquisitions and renewals.

Maximizing the value of your investments and ensuring seamless operation starts with finding the right partner for software renewals.

Our complimentary Health Check investigates the health of existing installations to see how we can reduce and improve the predictability of your software and development costs. Review our case studies and speak to one of our customers to assess our enviable track record for delivery and transparency in business.

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, Responsiv is proud to stand out as the partner of choice for your automation software renewals.

Here’s why:

Exclusive IBM Discounts

Responsiv has worked with IBM for many years to gain a unique position in the partner ecosystem and access to discounts that are often not available to IBM direct sales, or to other partners.

Commercial Flexibility

Choose the framework and payment terms that suit your needs. We operate on G-Cloud and NHS Shared Business and can provide quotes through many other UK government frameworks. We offer financing options and payment terms that allow you to match cost and benefit, adapting to you to ensure convenience and compatibility.

Fixed price for multi-year agreements can be used to shield from unexpected annual uplifts and the associated budgeting concerns.

Responsiv Services

We offer optional services that enhance the value of your software purchase and can be used to fast-track your time to value and deliver capabilities to a fixed price and schedule. We offer fixed price development, Remote support and mentoring for developers and administrators.

Managed Services

We offer managed services for your Self-Hosted and SaaS solutions. Our advanced support options include active monitoring of your software, patching and upgrades, incident response, and ad-hoc mentoring and problem solving.

Move to Responsiv Cloud

Responsiv offer migration services to support your move to the Responsiv Cloud Platforms.

Our flagship Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is a robust, secure, and fully managed cloud platform that offers business process automation, robotic process automation (optional), and enterprise integration runtime services. The platform is hosted on a tier 3 UK datacentre, in a cloud hosting environment that already hosts NHS and banking services.

Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform is code compatible with IBM BAW and IBM ACE applications and is available as a custom service on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Click here to read more about migrating workloads to Azure.

Move to Responsiv Cloud Full Stack Support

Responsiv provide application support for applications developed by you that run on our Cloud Platforms. This means that when you have an application problem, we are right there helping you identify and resolve the problem. We even provide a toolkit to allow your applications to report problems directly to our service desk.

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