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These are complex times for organisations, as we navigate changing business models, remote working, rising inflation, and technology advances. Getting a return from your investment in project delivery and technology investments is more important than ever.  At Responsiv we take our responsibility for delivering value for your investment seriously.

Responsiv Consulting deliver projects that matter.

Our consultants work on the same technology for multiple customers around the country and accumulate not only a great deal of product knowledge but learn how different industries approach problems from our customers.

1. Team Augmentation to Accelerate Time to Value

Responsiv Consulting can provide subject matter experts to augment your team. Our consultants can develop code, product mentoring, or provide technical, architectural, or project leadership to assure that you can get the job done on time. These are projects led and delivered by you and your team with our assistance.

Team augmentation services are provided based on time and materials, or fixed price for capacity agreements.

2. You Lead, We Provide Additional Skills and Experience

We provide suitably skilled consultants according to accepted skills progression metrics.

You cover for the time they spend working on your project and for their subsistence expenses. Assistance agreements are limited by time rather than deliverable items although they may list deliverables that will be the focus for our assistance.

T&M for assistance are the best choice for situations when you cannot define the scope of work, when the risks are difficult to define, or when risks and dependencies are outside what Responsiv might reasonably expect to control.

3. You Lead, We Provide Project Capacity

We provide a specified project capacity for a fixed time. For example, three specialists for two weeks. These agreements operate in a manner like T&M, however they offer a predictable cost and capacity duration, as well as allowing Responsiv to offer reduced rates.

4. We Deliver, You Benefit

Responsiv Consulting deliver projects that have three things:

  • Clear set of success criteria
  • Well defined scope
  • And no uncontrolled dependencies.

The first challenge is to know objectively when the project is finished. Once we understand that we need to recognise its scope in terms of breadth of work, and quality. Finally, we need to know that it is within our ability to deliver the project in the time and to the quality we require.

Given these three things are available and suitable, Responsiv will take responsibility for delivery to a schedule and for an agreed price. Our fixed price agreements require a commissioning fee and are delivered as a series of milestones that are one or two months apart.

We can also provide remote support for an agreed “HyperCare” period after the production release.

5. We Deliver, You Spread the Cost of Development

Responsiv are happy to discuss commercial terms to find ways to match the value you gain from our consultants to the benefit you derive from the solutions. We understand that most projects are front-loaded with cost; often when the benefits are most at risk of not materialising.

Our Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS) offerings can reduce development costs and accelerate delivery by allowing us to use our pre-existing cloud assets to host and deliver a platform, while spreading Responsiv Consulting costs across the same initial cloud term.

You get a solution that starts delivering business value before you encounter the full cost of development.

You deliver a solution that starts delivering business value and grow an experienced team for further development.

6. Art of the Possible and Engineering Models

We work in the automation and integration space all the time. We have a long history and are well connected across multiple vendors, as well as developing our own products.

Responsiv Consulting offer workshops available technology and possible solutions to the challenges you face. We understand architecture, we understand the relationship between technology and business.

Proof of concepts (POC) can be created or demonstrated to help you with your technology choice. Alternatively, Responsiv has underwritten features to remove the risk from you when we are confident that a product can do a specific job. We do this when we have already done something similar, bigger, or the same as you are requesting. It saves time and allows the project to proceed.

7. Free Software Entitlements for Pilot Projects and Product Proving

Pilot projects are our preferred way to proceed with a new technology. For the Responsiv Unity and Responsiv Cloud products we offer reduced entitlement licences for the duration of the pilot build and proving (time limited) to reduce the risk to you.

The advantage of a pilot project over a POC is that at the end you have something real. Reducing the cost and accelerating the time to value. Our entitlement offers for pilot projects reduce the financial/commitment risks for either approach.

Responsiv also support your Champion/Challenger and other techniques to justify and make your technology choices safe.

8. Distinctive Solutions that Disrupt Markets

Learn from other industries, from experience, and benefit from our product and innovative approach to solving problems.

Your team is used to working inside your company, and industry. They already know where the boundaries are and have preconceived ideas about how things should be done. Responsiv work across industries and problem domains, hence we often ask the questions that lead to innovation and distinctive solutions.

9. Trusted Delivery Partner

Responsiv Consulting delivers work on several different styles of engagement. In every case we work with you to achieve the planned outcome. When we have delivery responsibility it is a serious business and Responsiv has an enviable track record for delivery to budget and to deadlines.

We are engaged to deliver regulatory and time sensitive projects by companies that know and trust our services.

Responsiv will not just work with you. We will collaborate and actively support your initiatives and projects. Our Responsiv Assist products are available to assure that you are properly supported long after the delivery project is finished.

10. Simple Business

Responsiv invests in its own processes and connectivity. If our customers can benefit, then why not? We can demonstrate how our solutions are used but you will see and experience the service quality and oversight first-hand when you engage with our company.

Much of our offering and sales process is automated. This means that on acceptance of your purchase-order you will have immediate access to the purchased services and software. No waiting.

We use automation in our DevOps and apply the same methods and technologies that we use with our customers across our business. It allows us to create examples and be our own reference, but it also gives our consultants a place to learn and innovate without risk to our customers.

Get Started Today

Responsiv can help ensure the success of your projects, we can then support you to start expanding your technology adoption to additional projects, leveraging, and sharing our expertise along the way to build a business process improvement program within your organisation.

Let’s talk today.


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    Richard Whyte

    Richard Whyte

    Richard Whyte has been building enterprise IT solutions for over 20 years. He is known for creating innovative practical solutions that provide a strong foundation for future development, whilst solving immediate problems. Previously the European CTO and Principal Architect for IBM Systems Middleware at IBM, he has an MBA, a degree in Statistics and Computing, is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional, and Fellow of both the Institute of Technology and the British Computer Society.