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Key Benefits

Improved employee productivity

Saved 97% of data entry time

Reduced manual errors

Enhanced the efficiency of the supply chain

Improved data accuracy

Increased confidence and reduced cost of data


Responsiv helps Yorkshire Farmers Livestock Marketing save 97% of data entry time.

Yorkshire Farmers Livestock Marketing Enhance their Supply Chain Efficiency 

One of the client’s processes requires accurate manual data entry of information derived from multiple sources during a busy day. Errors were difficult to identify and could have a serious impact on the supply chain the following week.

Following a review, Responsiv recommended the IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software to cost effectively address this challenge. The initial phase commenced as part of a strategic business transformation project, which will improve information management with an integrated supply chain.

“It is clear the Responsiv team fully understand IBM RPA Technology.

We have used robotic process automation (RPA) for our mission critical livestock scheduling process, which records all important data regarding livestock movements for the week ahead. The system communicates the confirmed details to all our suppliers and hauliers, and enables our accounting team to link each individual consignment to payments and data for processors. Where we would have needed staff to do up to six hours of manual data entry of informtaion derived from multiple sources during a busy day, we have been able to put a bot on the task which now takes 10 minutes, giving a 97%-time reduction. But, interestingly, the unexpected productivity gains have come from improved data quality from reduced data corrections which mean more error free transactions with suppliers and more time for staff to focus on additional services to customers.” 

– Lizzie Bentley

Mike Axcell

Mike Axcell