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IBM Product Briefing 

IBM Guardium

IBM Guardium is a database security product that helps to prevent leaks from data warehouses, databases, and other big data environments. It ensures information integrity and automates compliance controls in line with defined rules. In short, IBM Guardium is designed to safeguard critical data.

IBM Guardium enables users to automatically analyse what occurs in sensitive data environments to minimise risk, protect data, and seamlessly adapt to IT changes that could affect data security.

IBM Guardium has seven key components:

  • Vulnerability assessment – Discover known vulnerabilities and get complete visibility into complex database infrastructure, detecting misconfiguration and mitigating risks.
  • Data discovery and classification – Discover the steps towards defining your security policies for different data.
  • Data protection – Protect data integrity and confidentiality by addressing data encryption at rest and in transit.
  • Analytics and monitoring – Get advanced real time analytics, anomaly detection and security information. Plus, event management integration can be provided.
  • Threat prevention – Get protection from cyberattacks through methods such as distributed denial-of-service or SQL injections. Plus, mitigation of unpatched vulnerabilities.
  • Access management – Have a more sophisticated policy-based access management that can manage shared and service accounts, manage user privileges, and block and detect suspicious user activity.
  • Audit and compliance – Have an advanced auditing mechanism beyond centralised auditing and reporting across database environments and native capabilities.

There are multiple benefits to using IBM Guardium software:

Enforce security policies in real time:

Monitor security policies for user actions, change control, user activities and security exceptions.

Simplify regulatory compliance:

Address compliance with customisable policies, fast reporting, and audit workflows. Use the predefined templates to meet compliance requirements.

Uncover internal and external threats:

Classify sensitive data and audit and monitor data activity using advanced analytics.

Protect data across the hybrid multi-cloud:

Enforce security policies that protect data across the enterprise. Guardium supports deployments on several cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.


IBM Guardium is the solution for businesses who store sensitive data, have faced previous data breaches or face compliance issues. Being able to identify where vulnerabilities are and where risks may arise is key, otherwise it will be too late. Reputation is jeopardised if data is lost, therefore, prioritising the safeguarding of your data is vital.

IBM Guardium provides comprehensive security for sensitive data that is on cloud or on premises. It can adapt to changes to the threat environment, provide visibility, manage compliance obligations, and protect data.

IBM Guardium can discover where sensitive data lives, encrypts and monitors what is important and works to reduce risk whilst responding to threats. The platform is scalable and provides continuous monitoring of data traffic whilst enforcing policies for sensitive data access business-wide.


No one is immune to data breaches, and staying on top of data security will ensure measures are in place to optimise security.

Responsiv has expertise in database security and experience in deploying and monitoring Guardium. Responsiv can help configure the software for your requirements, administer security policies, perform vulnerability assessments and more. 

Responsiv utilise inhouse expertise to recommend the appropriate mitigation measures for your current IT environments. Responsiv can also provide an IBM Guardium health check to fully evaluate your database estate to understand your business case.

Zoe Whyte

Zoe Whyte

Zoe is the Marketing Manager at Responsiv. She has a first-class degree in History and completed the miniMBA in Marketing.