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International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO)


IBM Blueworks Live (BWL)

Key Benefits

Simple user interface

Built-in Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) standards

Eased stakeholder collaboration

Visibility of policies, resources, and procedures across processes


Save The Children Use IBM BWL to Map the Organisation, Processes, Procedures, Policies, and Systems

Save the Children operates in over 100 countries, with approximately 24,000 staff members working to extend the freedoms available to children and their communities.

As a federated movement, Save the Children has a complex operational model that includes multiple entities spread worldwide.

Click here to learn more about Save the Children.

Find out how Save the Children utilise IBM Blueworks Live to map the organisation’s structure, linking processes, procedures, polices, and systems for acute oversight.

Read the full case study here:

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    Pankhuri Gupta

    Pankhuri Gupta

    Dr. Pankhuri Gupta is Responsiv’s Sales Manager working with our Banking, Healthcare, and Local Government customers. Her role is to add value through collaboration with strategists and technical leaders to understand business imperatives and work with them to shape and deliver IT projects. She specialises in innovative networking, bringing together the right specialists from Responsiv and our customers, to enable informed decision making, and deliver practical outcomes

    Pankhuri is a qualified Dentist, who brings significant “on the job” experience of working in healthcare and with specialists of all kinds.